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    My darkroom is permanently set up in a 8'x6' bathroom that's in our guest room. However, I've made it so that it can be a bathroom again in less than 10 minutes.

    I bought wire shelf units, approx. 18" deep x 5', and have two of these permanently mounted 18" below the ceiling. All trays, wash tub, and misc. stuff stores up there. A third unit is at work height, and holds the trays of chemicals (only two trays: developer and TF-4 fixer. I use water as a stop, and because of the TF-4, don't need hypo clear for fiber prints). My enlarger is on a rolling table, and is backed up into the shower stall. When company comes, I roll it out and into a closet. I have a hose sprayer attached to the faucet, and use a plastic tote as a wash tub.

    If I didn't have water, it would be easy enough to to fill the tote with water and carry it into the darkroom. However, a hose into your pantry sounds like a great idea. Sealing any light leaks from the hose should be a solvable problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt miller
    You'll find that the lack of running water is much less an inconvenience than having to set up & tear down your darkroom every time you want to use it.
    Trust me (and Matt) on that one! Having to set up/take down your dark room is a MAJOR PITA!! If you don't have a perment darkroom you'll also need a place to store everything. If you use the bathroom, you'll end up storing all your stuff in the pantry.
    Take the pantry and use a big bucket 'o water for holding the prints untill it's time to wash. Much easier!

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