Hi again,
first I want to thank you for the answers.
Today I make a test with my gear: Aristo D2 cold light + Zone VI stabilizer + sensor.

I put the sensor on the cold light and I have this:

1. At the "A" the lamp intensity is low an I see a lot of fluctuation on lamp / the led show green = stabilized ... are ok?
2. When I rotate the button I can go at "F" = show green = stabilized ... are ok?
3. On "G" the led is red, so the maximum value is "F" ... correct?

Obs: On the test I connect only the head cord, (without wall cord).

When I put only the cold light , the light power is hi, and the fluctuation are low.
Are normal to happen this?

Is better to use Zone VI stabiliser on Aristo? or is better without?
Why I see fluctuation on lamp at low intensity? it's normal? This will disappear if the head is heated?

Thank you for your time