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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelbsc View Post
    I'm curious, why don't you preload the developer into the tank with the lights on? Surely the developer won't oxidize that much while you're loading the reels in the dark.

    I'm clumsy enough that I would have half the fluid in the sink if I tried to pour it in the dark.
    I often use pyro, where I'm adding the pyro right before development, so I tend to do it at the last minute, because it does oxidize while loading the reels. I measure the dilute solution into a large graduated pitcher, and the pyro in a small graduate, add the pyro to the pitcher and pour it all into the tank to mix. I've managed to get the hang of feeling for pouring liquid in the dark, the way blind people learn to do it, using my (gloved) finger to feel when the tank is full.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelbsc View Post
    I would ask again if it is a requirement that all the rolls be processed simultanously?
    If not then either a Phototherm or a Jobo will give you extremely repeatable batch to batch results even weeks apart.

    And also how many is "more than four" rolls? Six? Or twenty? Or is that still unknown?

    If it is a commercial project then I would strongly suggest buying a rotary processor, either new or used. Phototherm still sells and supports the SSK8R. And they'll support it even if you buy it used.
    Like I mentioned in one of the previous posts, I am not sure at this moment. I just got a new MF that I intend to use to shoot one of my long term projects with. However, I just made the switch, so, I really don't know what the volume will be. But I am pretty sure it will be more than 4 rolls at a time. If not 120s, then 35mm of the same film, so, I can use the same development time.

    I am debating between Tri-x/Arista Premium 120 and 35mm or Arista.EDU 400 120 and 35mm. I like how I can push Tri-X to 3200, as I shoot mostly at night.
    Still something I need to work out.

    Back to volume processing, thank you everybody for their reply and PM, greatly appreciate it. I see I have a few options, and will decide accordingly when the project picks up.

    Thank you again for all of the suggestions.

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