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    Quote Originally Posted by krifartida View Post
    even when 1500 tanks are filled beyond MAX capacity in rotation use, the films in any tank longer then 1520 will get more density on one end of the tank.
    IE - when loading 5 35mm in 1520+1530 using lift, the films towards the base of the tank (away from the lift) with get less developer agitation resulting in lower density. it is not a consitent thing, but i have seen it range from non issue 1/3 stop to more then -1 stop compared to same type of film in top of tank (closer to lift). this ofcourse refers to BW only. i have not seen this in C-41 or E-6.
    krifartida, this frankly leaves me a bit puzzled.

    If the tank is perfectly horizontal, I don't see through which phenomenon the lower reels would get less agitation than the upper ones. If we except the time the developer takes to invade the tank, and to leave it, for the rest of the process the films should receive identical treatment. This difference should be constant between processes.

    Are you sure you properly levelled the tank? I found out that putting the level anywhere on the CPP-2 does not level the tank at all. Also, the lift is a strange animal and the tank does not sit perfectly horizontal on the upper basin, I clearly see that my lift tends to "bounce back", if I want it to touch the upper (red) basin (and be levelled supposing the red basin is levelled) I have to press it with my finger. If you level the Jobo, the tank will end up working slightly "bottom up". I have re-levelled my Jobo and now the machine is not horizontal, but the tank is This levelling work is the more important, the longer the tank is.
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    the diameter of the tank, coupled with the shape of the funnel and i guess other design elements cause the liquid inside the tank to not travel to all areas of the tank equally. the i see that it is not consistent has to do with the fact that as you described even in a perfectly level machine or perfectly level tank the whole thing flexes under pressure. depending on the amount of chems, amount of films and even temperature, i think would affect the over all results and exasperate or reduce the density difference.

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