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    blackrapid strap for large polaroid cameras?

    Ive been playing with the idea of adding a shoulder strap on my polaroid. I wanted some input and feedback. Your contribution is appreciated.

    Im using a polaroid 110b with a graflox back. Shooting a range of 6x9 to instant film to 4x5 film.

    After shooting for a few hours my arm was killing me. So a strap came to mind. Im proposing the black rapid rs4 to be put on the tripod mount on the polaroid 110b.

    - is it a good idea to leave the camera folded out? Or leave the strap only when the camera is closed? (I am concerned about bending the frame.)
    any other concerns i did not consider?

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    Take off the leather hand strap and replace it with a regular strap, preferably a neoprene strap if you are worried about the weight. I use a Tamrac leather strap on mine. You don't have to worry about leaving the camera open if you use a regular strap since the back of the camera will rest against your body. I would skip that Black Rapid strap. Your camera will flop all over the place with a good chance of ruining something, like the bellows, or maybe important parts of your body getting poked by the twisting camera. Looks like a waste of money to me. There is a lot of junk out there for gear centric people with a lot of money to waste.



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