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    You seem to be thinking in 35mm SLR system camera terms about lenses. In large format, there is no relation between the brand of the camera and the brand of the lens with very few exceptions of specialized cameras with helical lens mounts. A Calumet camera doesn't require Calumet lenses, and there is no particular advantage to using Calumet branded lenses on a Calumet branded camera, since they are both rebranded items anyway (old Caltar lenses were made by Ilex mostly, Caltar-S by Schneider, and Caltar-N by Rodenstock). Pretty much any lens will mount on any camera--Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikkor, Fujinon, Caltar, Ilex, Wollensak, whatever. Each lens comes in a shutter typically, and there are three basic sizes of modern shutters, and then there are older shutters that may require that a lensboard be drilled to order, which is a normal and not terribly expensive thing to have done. It's not jerryrigging--it's just how it works!

    There are lots of good older lenses out there that are very affordable. If you like modern lenses, look for something like a Schneider Symmar convertible from the 1970s. These are similar in design to the latest modern plasmats and are generally single coated, and are very economically priced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keithwms View Post
    Just a coincidence.

    In regard to the OP, I do not have a single LF lens that's manufacturers name matches the camera's name.
    That's just, like, my opinion, man...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Taylor View Post
    As it would seem to be the case that a lens for this 4X5 may run upwards of four hundred dollars (or more) have any of you encountered a photographer who has made a go of--for lack of a better term--gerryrigging a lens/shutter front from an inexpensive camera (garage sale, ebay, etc.) to the Calumet lens board? Or, is it more likely than not that by attempting same I would be throwing away fifty or so bucks? Or--and, if that is somehow feasible (and not to press the issue) is it within the realm of practical possibility that I might then purchase, e.g., a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D (about a hundred bucks) and attach it to the lens board?
    Dean, your price estimates are a little high. I just took a look at LF lenses in shutter on eBay with the buy it now option, found a few relative bargains. I'm not vouching for any of them except to say that they're all respectable lenses and none would be a bad mistake. They're all used, and there's a law of nature to the effect that used shutters always need to be overhauled. None is mine and I have no connection with any of the sellers.

    I'm posting them to give you an idea of prices you might reasonably expect to have to pay if you're willing to be patient, not to push you to buy anything now. You'd best curb your enthusiasm for a while and educate yourself before you start spending.









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