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    Lee filters, Tiffen filters

    What's the story with Lee filters - are these resin filters as good as glass from Rodenstock, Schneider, B+W? Are they coated? Multicoated?

    Tiffen filters - are they coated? I didn't think so, but how can this be?

    I'm asking about both these brands because B+W doesn't make 112mm filters for black and white anymore (looking for some options for my giant XLs with center filters), unless you want to special-order them for insane $. Heliopan doesn't make any of this stuff anymore - not that those would have been cheap).

    Also wanted to know if anyone had any experience using a Lee wide angle hood. Seems like a good adjustable hood.


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    When you asked if Tiffen filters were coated, that got my curiosity up. I recently bought a Tiffen deep yellow 15 filter. I just now compared reflections in this filter with a Hoya HMC (multi-coated) orange G (#21?). The reflection of a bare light bulb in the Tiffen filter was fairly bright and had the same color cast as the filter. The reflection of the same bulb in the Hoya filter had a greenish cast, even though the filter is orange, and was dimmer. I'm guessing the Tiffen #15 yellow may not be coated. The brochure that came with the Tiffen filter describes some of their filters as multicoated, but the basic filters for black and white photography may not be.
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    I use Lee filters mounted in the gel snap thingy (rubber bands from the asparagus or broccolli you buy at the roduce market are good for spares)
    It is a more than adequate option if your lens doesn't have threads for glass filters or if your lens is too large for a slip on conversion. My experience is with B&W though.



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