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There is one small problem though... i guess that the availability of information, and the well deserved consideration for some Boyer lenses, helped a little bit in driving up the prices

Back to the thread:
i guess i have been lucky, all the Alphax No.3 i found have properly dimensioned diaphragms.
Thanks for the kind words. What's really funny about the Boyer bubble is that their 6/4 double Gauss lenses aren't that good. Neither Beryls, which are quite good as dagors go, nor Apo-Saphirs, which are very good, bring silly money. I'm also amazed by how much hopeful eBay sellers ask for Saphir B enlarging lenses. Saphir Bs just aren't competitive with more modern plasmat type enlarging lenses.

Back on topic, sort of: lucky you, with your usable Alphaxes! I have an Alphax #3 that holds a 75/1.9 Oscillo-Raptar whose rear cell I can't get out of the shutter. Its diaphragm opens to ~ 25 mm, and that's all.