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    Quote Originally Posted by brofkand View Post
    I have seen no evidence that suggests Velvia 50 and 100F is no longer available in 4x5 (or 8x10) in the US. All the sources that said it was discontinued a few days ago were UK sources. Until I see a source that says this is true for Fujifilm USA I don't believe it.
    Fujifilm Professional is putting an end to the production of its Fujichrome Velvia 100F in 35mm, 120 and 4x5 formats, and Velvia 50 in 4x5 and 8x10, BJP has learned. The last shipment of these films will arrive in the UK in December 2012.

    Fujifilm tells BJP that its Velvia 50 will continue to be distributed in 35mm and 120 formats.
    "Due to decreasing demand globally we have to announce the withdrawal of some formats of Velvia 100F and Velvia 50," says Gabriel Da Costa, product manager for professional film.[...]

    My emphasis. Global means around the world (USA too...), even if the BJofP gives it a distinctly UK-only feel, which it is not.

    Ask your pro-level dealer to show you the Dealer Retail Bulletin which usually carries announcements like this. That usually comes through about 2 weeks after an announcement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoJim View Post
    B&W: Several companies. Foma, Ilford, Kodak and Fuji all make large format film, as does Efke.
    Colour negative: Kodak and Fuji.
    Colour positive (transparency): Fuji, and as of a few days ago, only in one film type - Velvia 100.
    Not so about only one type of E6. Even assuming the discontinuation of Velvia 50 and 100F is global (not necessarily implied by blaming the cuts on falling global _demand_) Provia 100 remains. It's a lovely film and I prefer it most of the time to the exaggerated contrast and saturation of the Velvias. (I like Astia and E100G even better but those ARE discontinued though there seem to be remaining stocks of Astia easily found.)

    For black and white where price is important I echo the recommendation of Freestyle rebranded Arista aka Foma. Pretty nice film but horrible reciprocity failure for long exposures. Ilford, Efke and Kodak are readily available.

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