Nice suggestion, PanaDP, but it doesn't get really low, as in put the optical axis at ground level. Looking at a ground glass to focus and compose when it is as low as a high hat plus conventional tripod head will put it is painful. Lower, as can be obtained with a tripod that can put the platform on the ground, e.g., a Benbo, is even more painful. I have a Benbo, have felt the pain.

My solution for shooting at ground level -- and I mean ground level. Doing it it makes no sense but I can put the optical axis underground -- is to mount the camera vertically (facing down, naturally) with a 45 degree front surface mirror in front of the lens. Many are the ways of mounting a view camera vertically. Putting the optical axis underground requires digging, though. About the mirror, Spiratone that used to be made a device called a Mirrotach that does what's needed. I have a couple of them. And with this approach viewing the GG is painless.