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    Quote Originally Posted by mgb74 View Post
    I have a US Navy Photographer's Mate manual from, I believe, the 60s. It covered standard issue cameras, their use, and general technique (a pretty good reference btw). I don't have it handy but as I recall the cameras covered were:
    Graphic View
    Speed Graphic
    Mamiya TLR (I don't remember which specific model)
    Leica M (again, I don't remember which specific model)

    But definitely not all US made. Although I suppose it's possible the the imported found a way to have these assembled in the US to satisfy the letter of the law.
    Took a look at the manual, dated 1966. (BTW, still a very good reference.) Standard issue cameras were:
    Pacemaker Speed Graphic
    Graphic View II
    Leica M2 (with 35, 50, and 90mm lenses)
    Mamiya C3 (with 65, 105, and 180mm lenses)

    Also, under the aerial section, included the "KS-80a", which was a Nikon F with 43-86mm lens and pistol grip.
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