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    Is that the same Ysarex you find on a Polaroid 110A/B and is that also a Tessar... so why is it better

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    Quote Originally Posted by n2mf View Post
    Just starting into shooting a 4x5. Haven't shot any sheet film yet, but have just started shooting with a 6x9 roll film holder that came with the camera set I found. The camera is a Graflex Crown Graphic Special. My question...The camera came with a Schneider Xenar 135/4.7 lens & Synchro Compur-P shutter. I have another lens that I purchased with some other items at another time. It's a Graflex Optar 135/4.7 & Full Synchromatic shutter. Both lenses are equal as far as condition is concerned...But is one better than the other for some reason or another?

    Also, I have another board for the camera. When I shoot 6x9 with this camera, would I be better off to shoot with a more normal medium format focal length lens for more coverage?

    Thanks in advance.
    If you want coverage with movements on your 6x9 your lenses should be able to cope. If you are using 4x5 you might consider selling one or even both lenses and buying a 1950's Symmar 150. These are convertible lenses. You get two lenses in one. Out of the box it's a 150mm lens, take off the front element and you have a 265mm lens. Very useful if you want to save space and weight.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Someonenameddavid View Post
    Is that the same Ysarex you find on a Polaroid 110A/B and is that also a Tessar... so why is it better
    Yes, I robbed it off a Pola 110b, I believe it is a tessar It's the first LF lens I personally owned, I'm used to it, am comfortable with it, know what to expect from it. I love the angle of view. It doesn't have a self cocking shutter, so I have to think before I shoot. I paid $10 for the camera a few years back, really affordable back then, everything else was out of my price range(I'm disabled and on SS). I have other lenses now, but this lives on my 4x5, I change out if the situation demands.
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