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    Quote Originally Posted by k_jupiter View Post
    I personally thought his post was funny too, especially when he notes "One of these may be off.".
    And I love people who quote EBay prices. All you see these days are asked BIN prices, not what they actually sold for.

    I stay away from the Bay these days (Except when I drive by their headquarters) because it isn't interesting anymore, it isn't fun anymore, you learn jack about things, and the prices frankly suck. Much different from the days when you could pick up a 4x5 graplex rb for $125.00 because the seller had no clue and no one else bothered to measure the photo to calculate the aspect ration of the ground glass. True story. I think everybody thought it was a 3 1/4 by 4 1/4. The camera arrived looking like it had never been used.

    Auctions were fun. The days when you could track people by their user names and find out who knew what about anything you were interested in, from 8x10 cameras to antique vacuum coffee pots, EBay killed the goose one slow feather at a time. Now everybody on there thinks their products are made of gold and price them accordingly. About the only thing I have bought over the last three years has been Dr. Who DVDs. They at least are still cheap.

    Anyway, I would look to get about $350 -400 for the complete camera including lens. That would be a fair deal in today's market.

    tim in san jose (EBayville)
    Vaccume coffee pot?? I must know more! Lol

    Maybe I can use it for developing with robusto coffee

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