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    Toyo (Omega) 45E, Have I broken it?

    I'm still very new to my large format camera, and whilst I was taking out the negative holder, the focusing screen mount came off from the braflok spring back (as far as i can tell this is what it is called).

    I do not know how to put it back on or even if i have damaged something.

    Could somebody take a look and advise me as to whether it's damaged or how it goes on, the manual does not say.
    I'm not sure how it's spring loaded, or if it's a spring at all - i was pulling it outwards to access the negative holder when it came off.

    attached are photos.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like the detachable international back, if you ask me. I dont have the same one so wont be able to tell you how to attach it back

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    You've totally destroyed it so pack it up and send it to me as I'll be glad to take it off your hands for the cost of shipping.
    Joking aside,
    Your pictures are of the focus panel. The back is still attached to the camera.
    Look at your picture #2. The hooks are the camera side of the Graflok/International back's focus panel. Look at the back on the camera, there should be a tapered bar top and bottom with angled slots in them. They will slide inward toward the film plane and outward away from the film plane. Slide them until they are at their limit away from the film plane.
    Now hold the focus panel up to the camera back. There should be a vertical pin, top and bottom of the film plane that corresponds to the hook on the focus panel. Sit the focus panel on the camera back, hook side inward and open side of the hook to the right of the pin. When the focus panel fits flat against the camera back push it to the left until it snaps into place. You can also push in on the knurled/ribbed side of the hooks and then slide the focus panel into place. If the vertical pins on the camera are bent or broken take the camera to a repair shop and have it fixed.

    The focus panel is designed to be removable so that other camera back accessories can be attached to the camera easily.
    If you cannot get the focus panel reattached post a clear picture of the back of the camera.
    The focus panel should have 5 to 10 pounds of pull at the film holder insertion point when properly attached to the camera.



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