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    Drew... Are you sure it's Nikon's version of the Tessar formula that bothers you or is it the 5 or 7 blade apertures in those newer shutters?

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    These are really two different issues. The roundness of the aperture determines the shape of the out-of-focus highlights etc. The characteristics of background lines is another issue. I don't want to get into convoluted arguments about what might or might not constitute
    ideal "bokeh', but almost everyone agrees that no-no's include conspicuous polygons and double-lines or related distracting rendition of unwanted detail. No different with Nikkor small optics. Most are miserable in this respect, but then they specifically engineered certain items like the fast 85's and defocus-control 105's and 135's for exceptionally pleasing background blur. Most modern view camera lens have given up on that kind of thing, with the exception of a few soft-focus options per se, which is not the same thing. Even with modern plastmats, I find that images taken with my old Schneider Symmar S have more pleasing out of focus rendition than the otherwise superior, sharper,
    and more contrasty plastmats which replaced them. Different lenses have different personalities at times. Nice to have choices.

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