As my stash of Fuji Black and white FP-100B dwindles and becomes out of date (2011), I was wondering if anyone had figured a work-around for field-proofing large format views. I am currently using my Fuji X-system digital along side my 5x7 for HABS / HAER work. I spent some time figuring out that the native 200 ISO of the camera is a decent match to Ilford HP-5 in my current process. It's nice to have a preview and a histogram and I set the saturation to B&W so I get a similar representation. To check the lens and bellows I start the day with an analog photo on Fuji FP-100B pack film but even that only proofs a 3x3.75 inch print out of the middle of the 5x7 ground glass, then I switch to digital for the rest of the documentation. We probably have to wait until New 55 film comes out but I thought I'd check and see if anyone else is experimenting.