I picked up a fairly comprehensive used Lee system a year or so ago and have been slimming it and refining it for a while now. I use it for LF and my MF SLR and love the versatility and ease of use.

For my latest trip I got hold of some of the new lenscaps. IMHO a waste of money, even at £3 a pack. First, they don't fit over the standard-size flange that the filter holders and lenshoods attach to, instead they fit over the rear plate behind that flange, and so they don't work on my biggest, 105 mm adaptor ring. Worse, the fit is very crude and although they slip on easily I always had to heave quite hard to get them off - hard enough to worry about wrenching the lens thread and/or mounting. The crude fit means they don't help keep dust or lint off the front element when the lens is not in use. Finally, I have a couple of lenses in barrel, and even if you blacked out the lenscap the fit makes it hard to use as a shutter for anything but very long exposures.

A shame. A more flexible cap that popped neatly off the standard flange would be a real boon.

I use adapter rings in MF, and have a bunch for my 'normal' LF lenses, but they obscure the controls on small lenses like my 150 mm, and fitting them to my long process lenses with their oddball filter threads was going to require some relatively expensive custom adapters. Instead, I screwed a 105 mm adapter into my old Sinar circular filter holder and now fit the hood and filter holder(s) to that. I can slide the contraption forward to access the shutter controls, and then push it back to minimise the amount of light leaking in from the rear of the hood. Push it back all the way to the lensboard and the standard hood becomes a wide-angle hood, although the filter slot is then redundant. It sounds awkward, but works well and simply, and is a lot more compact and usable than the usual Sinar solution of an extra bellows and wobbly clips.