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I don't really know the difference Dan, so I can't say. This is my intro to Graphics. I wanted something quicker than my 8x10, that I can handhold & focus with RF or bed scale. What's the difference between a speed & a pacemaker?
Matt, go to www.graflex.org and poke around. Read the FAQs. Work your way through the site map. Also buy a copy of Graphic Graflex Photography, 10th edition or later.

There were something like four models of Speed Graphic made, in sizes ranging from 2x3 to 5x7. The Pacemaker Speed Graphic (2x3, 3x4, 4x5) is the most recent model. Has a simpler shutter, only six speeds, made of better material that's more reliable than older ones. Also has a variety of upgrades that make it the nicest to use.

3x4 is an orphan format, with relatively few emulsions available. Unless, that is, you buy larger film and cut it down.

2x3 is another orphan, 2x3 Graphics are best used with roll holders.

Good luck, don't forget to look before you leap,