hi bobman -

you might look into they schneider symmar convertable lenses.
with the front element removed they make a nice portrait lens ( it is a plastmat design). i have and use one a 210/370 as a portrait lens from time to time.

as david goldfarb suggested, the new cooke portrait lens is supposed to be the cat's meow as a new lens in a modern shutter, but for the price of that lens, you could buy a handful of "vintage" portrait lenses, decide which one/ones you like and sell the rest for pretty much what you bought them for.

if you are looking for a verito, seth at cameraeccentric.com has a one in a factory mounted betax shutter, so you'll get more than just a "studio shutter"(maybe 1/10S). it really all depends on what sort of "look" you are trying to get. olde lenses are nice, and new(er) lenses are too ...

good luck!