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    Bender went cheap!

    Gawd. Someone just got an assembled Bender 4x5 kit for $79 US on "that" auction site!

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    What I see as the great downside of getting this kind of camera pre-built is, unless it was assembled *by Bender*, I'd be forever wondering if the fellow who built it did everything correctly. They're supposed to be better than the Aletta (of which I have one that I don't get much use from becuase the bellows isn't light tight, doesn't compress enough to focus infinity with a 135 mm lens or allow any movements with a 150 mm, but won't stretch enough to focus nearer than the horizon with a 300 mm -- I'll get it fixed up eventually), but so much is dependent on the builder's skill and ability to follow directions.

    Honestly, I'd probably pay more for a complete Bender kit than a non-factory built-up Bender camera...
    Photography has always fascinated me -- as a child, simply for the magic of capturing an image onto glossy paper with a little box, but as an adult because of the unique juxtaposition of science and art -- the physics of optics, the mechanics of the camera, the chemistry of film and developer, alongside the art in seeing, composing, exposing, processing and printing.



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