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Thread: Light Meter

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    The most sensitive and accurate incident meter for photographers is the meter that is the #1 choice for cinematographers and can be found on virtually all movie sets. It is the SPECTRA Professional or Combi 500 and they are still calibrated at the company headquarters in California. Until a friend of mine that is an Art Center grad with 35 years of professional experience turned me on to them, I had not a clue and would have responded like the many others with Weston, Sekonic, Gossen, Pentax or the like. About a year ago I purchased a Sekonic 558 and have two Pentax spot meters and they play second fiddle to the Spectra since I became a BTZS affectionado. I hope one of these days I can thank Phil Davis in person for making my life much easier. The Zone system was (unintentionally) holding me back in a big way.

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    I would agree with what Michael has said. It really is a heck of a lot easier this way. I make more consistant exposures and better prints.
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