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Looking at the map I have noticed the shortest distance between here (south of Cleveland) and the View Camera Conference takes me within twenty miles of the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Anyone for a side trip before or after the conference? They have had several visiting bugs and the resident and transient ACDs are not bad on the eyes or lens either. I think an H shaped, 16 cyl, WW I, Bugatti designed, Duesenberg built, aero engine is in the permanent collection.


I was in that museum last year. A large format shooters wet dream. Plan on a loooooong delay. You'll have to pry yourself out of there wtih a crowbar. Totally amazing cars, even my kids, who normally are of the "are we going yet" mentality enjoyed the place and were sorry to leave.

The building too is an old factory / showroom, so both the building and the contents inside are wroth shooting. If you are seriously planning on going, take LOTS of fillm.

IMO, one of the most under rated museums in all the USA.