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    The big investment is over, all you absolutely have to have for it is film and at this point you can split the difference between the two cameras--they aren't like kids that eat twice as much. They can eat twice as much, but don't have to.

    I'll admit that I am greedy when it comes to cameras and would keep them both and say Mine, Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!!!! But I'm just shallow like that :-)

    "Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them." --From the Lawn*Boy Operator's Manual

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    OK folks, thanks a lot for the various suggestions, they are helpful in shaping my thoughts.

    Some posts deserve responses, so here goes:

    1) She does have a sister. That sister is married to a guy who LOVES his 1.3 megapickel floppy drive storage Sony digi-snapper. 'nuff said
    2) I already have too many old cheap cameras apart from the Mam's and my Nikon 35mm gear. I also have a 6x9 Ziess Ercona folder. (Thanks for that suggestion)
    3) Some have pointed out that "It's a gift so there's no cost?!?" Well, kind of, except that we have a pretty tight budget paying off a big mortgage in Sydney (Australia's most expensive city for real estate) so I didn't have spare cash just lying around to throw at new camera gear. I also would like a wide angle and a moderate tele for the Hasselblad if I keep it and I *know* they will be more expensive that the Mam glass so if I stay with the Hasselblad, the Mam gear must go to fund the Hassy bits.
    4) I'm well aware that it would be *unwise* to ditch the gift horse. My wisdom in the things-that-make-darling-happy is what leads her to do nice things for me, like buying me a 503, just cause she thought I'd like one
    5) You can bet I have been VERY thankful to her . . .
    6) I've been out shooting with it twice now and have produced my first work prints. Simply outstanding quality in the hands and in the negs/print. You knew this, I suspected it, now I know it. Sorry Mamiya...
    7) Re item 4, 5 and 6, my very first print is of my darling. Seemed the right thing to do if you ask me.

    So unless something dramatic happens, I will probably sell off the Mam645 gear over coming weeks and work on getting more familiar with the new but definitely second lady in my life.

    Thanks again for the comments.

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