The Wolf metal tripod arrived today, faster than expected. Here are some first impressions.

Two kilo's is really light indeed! Strange sensation after handling tripods weighing from 3 tot 6 kilo's. It nearly makes you feel a little giddy.

What's nice about the Wolf is the levelling head it comes with. Very handy feature for LF users. It sets up rather fast, also with the click-down clamps.

The Cambo SC with lens, compendium and holders sit well on it, but I would not be inclined to use a additional tripod head for fear of losing stability and loss of dampening.

I'd say it's a useable combination in the field, but not with high wind speeds. Plus, if you want max rigidity for long exposures you'd be better off with a heavier tripod like the QuickSet. I'd imagine the Wolf will do fine with lighter (<7kg) and or smaller cameras.

Time will tell which one of the two gets to see most use. But I fear the Slik Master Classic is demoted to the medium format department.