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    Yes, Really nice....EC

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimgalli
    Hey, that looks like a former junker that used to sit on the floor of my garage with spiders living inside.

    It was made by the Seneca Camera Co. of Rochester New York about 1924 plus or minus. Seneca was an aggressive marketer and made cameras for anyone to paste their own name on and sell in house. Burke and James sold them as "Rexo" and yours wound up being sold by Northern Camera Supply of Minneapolis MN as a "Liberty". I have it's big brother Seneca 11X14 that I'm just in the process of restoring. It has quite a bit of broken wood to re-glue and also has weakened front standard supports that I have to figure out how to repair.

    VERY pretty!
    I find one which is similar http://www.fiberq.com/cam/seneca/sencamcity3.htm but Seneca begin producing cameras in 1900. And than it would be difficult to apply for a patent in 1898.

    Don't you just love those old things? I hope that you get it right with the 11x14! I had to knock the wood apart and remove old bone gloe than reglue the whole thing. some wood I had to repair or filled out with new ones! Not the easiest thing to do but it's worth it! This is my Sunday camera! :-)

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