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    A dog of a lens !

    Well first you have to tame it :-)

    First thoughts on a newly acquired Gundlach Radar Anast f4.5 10"x8". This lens came as part of an online auction purchase, in most repects it's surplus to requirements.

    So I look at it, optically fine no marks scratches etc, actually very clean, it's on a lensboard which fits the camera it came with and also my main 10"x8" camera, (screen on new camera broke in transit) so I think OK lets look, I've promised Jim Galli I'll test and post images made with this lens !

    So I attach the lens board, and turn my back, a loud thud later the lens is on the floor, luckily a soft carpet, - I've never seen so many screw holes in a lens board before, then I look at the screws, no chance not even proper wood screws . . . must have been like that for years, it is a very heavy lens.

    Then the front plate had become detached, shutters iffy, closer inspection there are very fresh marks on the brass screws holding the shutter together, so out they come.

    A smell of grease, and yes visual traces of grease too. So a careful clean with alcohol to degrease and it begins to work, but intermittently, so more degreasing and it's almost there, then very light lubrication of the shutter gears and re-assemle.

    Now it works like new, shutter speeds are fairly accurate, meanwhile the lens board is being renovated and the lens will be attached properly for once . . and then I can work out the focal lenght, it's just marked 10"x8"

    Test images comparing this lens with a coated 12" Dagor & a 300mm Nikon will follow shortly.

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    Hope it works out nicely. Where are you able to buy film that is sensitive to radio waves?
    Claire (Ms Anne Thrope is in the darkroom)



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