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    Quote Originally Posted by k_jupiter View Post
    I don't have an RH8 back (which I believe is 6x9) on my rb67, that would be a step down in quality from my existing 6x7 Mamiya backs. My RH8 back sits unused in some box somewhere.

    I have a Professional and a ProS body. I have not tried anywhere close to every lens / attitude combination, but I do know a 65mm lens with the Graphmatic in either horizontal or vertical position does not cut off any image area. I need to consult my shooting notes to see if I shot any of those images with my 50mm lens.

    tim in san jose
    The RH8 (lever advance-not knob) is actually a true 6x8, or very close (not 6x9) and the difference in quality, when compared to 6x7 Mamiya backs, is insignificant. (Mamiya backs keep the film very flat, but so does the RH8-lever type). The film (image) is cut off by the camera. My point was that the RB67 Pro SD will not give you a true 6x8 image in horizontal (landscape) mode and I would suspect that the earlier models will not either. The lens focal length has little, or nothing, to do with it.
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