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Thread: Field Camera

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    Feb 2003
    North of Calgary, Alberta. Canada
    Gee Ken... why in earth would you want to lead people on, in believeing that Eric has two buddies. :>)) (just kidding ..wink..wink)

    Regarding the Ebony as folks have stated, it is heavier than many other cameras if you buy the Ebony "wood" version. One of the reasons that I purchased mine is that as a woodworker I am attracted to the fine workmanship of the product and the rigidity of the camera. The other was the extensive bellows length that Ken discovered was missing on his previous camera.

    The cameras are expensive and you can buy another model/brand that will do pretty most everything an Ebony will do for considerably less.

    You can also buy an old Dodge Polaris for a song to take yourself back and forth to work or church if you want. It is perhaps in the "eye of the beholder" that makes an Ebony so special. In fact I find at night that my Ebony camera does not snore, so that it does not even wake me though it rests comfortably between my wife and myself on the queen size bed.

    Kind Regards,

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    Yes it's true I'm a sad pathetic individual with only 1 friend.

    I know GreyWolf your wife wonders about you, what with all that step dancing in the basement! LOL.

    The Ebony is truely a wonderful camera, but I can go along ways in my "Polaris" and still have money left over for film etc. And maybe even a trip or course or two.

    I understand why you got it. The same reason I spend stupid money on watches.

    "civility is not a sign of weakness" JFK

    "The Dude abides" - the Dude

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