My first field camera was a venerable KORONA and there are times I still regret parting with it (replaced by a Canham 5x7). It was a 5x7 with a 4x5 back with the extension rail. I mostly used a 150 Fujinon which was fairly well protected when the front rail was folded up. It was very light, rigid enough, compact enough and had enough bellows for any application I ever put to it, from macros to a 300mm lens.

The Agfa/Ansco wooden field cameras are similar and all are often seen on FleaBay at under $200 with a few boards. Some of the models have a significant front tilt capability and i think all have a fair front rise and some back swing and tilt.

Oh, and yes, it went hundreds of miles in northern New Mexico on a Blackburn bicycle rack...