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    Yes I just measured some lith film I have here, 4x5", 8x10", 11x14" and 12x16", they are all exactly those measurements.

    One is Ilford, with the rest being Kodak.

    Don't bother asking where I got the film from, it is all old stuff from when I had a repro camera for making negatives for rubber stamp manufacturing. Haven't bought Lith film for the last 12½ years.


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    I haven't actually been able to find anywhere in Australia that sells it. I assume there are some industry suppliers that carry it but I haven't been able to ferret them out yet. I've got a couple of those Indian panoramic cameras (6x15 and 8x15) heading over to me and I also have the remains of a 12x15 camera as well so Lith film is probably going to be the only rational option.

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    Good morning;

    Ian Grant's comment about the pricing of a copy of the actual Standard for film available from the ISO people prompted an old memory of the IEEE group and their "Recommended Standards."

    Everyone remembers the RS-232 "standard" for computer and other device serial data communication. I think everyone agrees that the application of that "standard" seemed to be pretty lax. You could find all kinds and sorts of implementations of that "standard" that varied from computer to computer, modem to modem, printer to printer, et cetera. A lot of people made very good money specializing in successfully connecting together different serial data devices, and they even published books on how to do it. Remember the "RS-232 MADE EASY" book? There was even the joke in the computer industry about the Morrow computer being told at birth that it was a modem, because of the gender of its serial data connector and that connector's wiring arrangement.

    Guys, there was a reason for all of that variation. My vague memory of the price for a copy of that RS-232C "standard" from the IEEE back in the early 1990's was about Two Thousand Dollars US ($ 2,000.00).

    If you are going to have a "standard" and you want people to use it to promote compatibility and interchangeability, then you make it available to those people so that they can see what it is and follow it. You publish it. The generation of a "standard" is not intended to be a revenue generating process.

    OK. Enough ranting of a man with an excessive accumulation of years.
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    Ralph Javins, Latte Land, Washington

    When they ask you; "How many Mega Pixels you got in your camera?"
    just tell them; "I use activated silver bromide crystals tor my image storage media."

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