Like Nuckabean, I just purchased a Wolly 3.5"/90mm f/12.5 (coated) lens on eBay for just under twice his price. The tiny maximum aperture gave me pause, but the local, much more experienced LF photographers told me that with a good darkcloth I'd be able to see well enough to focus. (As an aside, I bought a couple of pairs of 6x reading glasses to use for focusing. I like them because of the magnification and being able to use two hands on the camera.)

However, I have a question about my lens that I'll ask here rather then in a separate thread in the hope that it's seen by those who can answer. Where do I find a spanner wrench to unscrew the mounting ring? It's not the more modern type rink with two rectangular notches 180 degrees apart, but a ring with three small holes evenly spaced on the ring's flat surface. The holes are 34mm apart.

My lens came mounted on a 4" square recessed lens board (don't know for what camera), but I'd like to remount it on either a recessed board for my Cambo SC 4x5 monorail camera or, based on John's comment about coverage, on a recessed board I can use with my Plaubel 5x7 monorail camera.