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    Beattie or similar bright screens

    Hi All, wow its been a long time since I've been here on this site...nice to see many of the members still here...

    Anyway as I've posted before, for a number of years now I have been using an old stripped down Linhof Technika III with a Cambo reflex back for all of my 4x5 Pinhole work. I use a set of laser drilled interchangeable pinhole plates including a viewing pinhole which is large enough to give me an image on the GG to compose with. However even with my eye tight to the reflex back, and allowing time for my eye to adjust it can still be a challenge under certain lighting conditions and subject matter to clearly see the entire frame, more so if there are darker areas at or near the edges of the frame...I have a very old dim screen which I think would be a challenge with lensed work. (1) I'm wondering if a purchase of a Bright Fresnel Screen like a Beattie would help my cause...obviously focusing isnt an issue for me...I would just love to have a brighter...interested in opinions on these screens.

    I have also considered buying the Linhof Multi-Finder 45...I could see it being very advantages for composition and also for sighting before I set up camera...but it does come with a steep price tag!!...(2)is there any reason why the multi-finder wouldn't work with my Tech III (it has a standard accessory shoe).

    Thanks in advance and nice to be back...

    s ledem prosim

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    Isn't pinhole photography done at very small apertures--like f128 or smaller? If so, I don't think a fresnel screen will help.

    The Linhof Multi-finder would solve your problems. Look on the 'bay for an older model. It's been sometime since I looked, but you should be able to pick one up for under $100.

    Another option would be to make a wire frame finder. At one time Linhof made these for the Technika, so you may be able to find one used. But it should not be too difficult to make one yourself.



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