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No so far fetched Tom. Look at some of the other photo forums which are more digitally orientated. These guys just can't wait for film to disappear. It's like the availability of film is somehow impinging on them.

A couple of year ago I posted on a thread that I used 35mm and MF to do weddings - and was told by a moderator not to come on telling everyone film was better - because it clearly wasn't! The thread was basically "What do you use". I found APUG, thank goodness, that afternoon. For a while I kept getting emails telling me they missed me. Of course "Miss this!" was my response

Bob H
I was having a look at older threads of the LF subforum and came to this post again. I've just got a habit of not posting old threads that comes from another forum.

I'm also glad that I found APUG, there are few other places that are also nice to stay. Forums that are digitally oriented are horrible. They just keep telling the same stuff: "oh film bye bye" "obsolete" and you know what else.
I'm not surprised that they envy film. Because a Trip 35 is able to produce better results than a 5D that costed a king's ransom. "How come this crappy little camera can be better than my super 5D, bah"-they must think. I'm sure that some of them see the film users as hostile; ala Extremist.
You did the correct action. I wouldn't stay a forum that keeps me censoring on film. You don't accept film? Ok, then you will not see me anymore here.