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    Quote Originally Posted by BradS View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by David Nebenzahl
    * Aluminum foil is for schoolkids making a camera out of an oatmeal box.
    ...and for people who just wanna have fun and make interesting photos on the cheap. I guess I never have grown up....
    Sorry, didn't want to come off all elitist there; quite the opposite.

    Yes, tinfoil is just fine to experiment with, for kids of all ages.

    Hell, one of my unrealized ideas is to make an edible pinhole camera (everything except the film); the pinhole could be something like a hole in a cookie or graham cracker. Load the camera, take the picture, unload the film, then eat the camera.
    I'm mostly interested in the equipment in and of itself. Pictures are just a side effect.

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    I made a pinhole lensboard for this weekends WPD by glueing 4 layers of mattboard together. Made two pieces 87mm square and the other two 100mm, stuck them together and it fits perfectly. Used a holesaw to make a decent sized hole in the middle and taped my aluminium can pinhole across the hole (I choose to tape it across the back as it looked better!!!!). To measure the pinhole I put it in a enlarger and project the hole onto a piece of paper to check it's round and to measure it. I then use the magnification ratio of the enlarger to calculate the pinhole size. Seems to work out close enough

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