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I think everything I have with the tripid hooked to the pack was like 39lbs. SOunds heavy but I walked up and down the street and it didn't phase me..
Walking up and down the street is not the same as hiking through the backcountry. I have about 50 pounds in the super trekker and an additional 10 in hand (tri-pod) I have finally decided to reduce the weight and only carry what I need. Believe me when you start climbing you will wish you only brought what you needed. There is no problem getting to the destination with the pack on, getting back is the bummer especially if it is all uphill.

I pack is very comfortable and does distribute the weight evenly. I would highly recommend the Super Trekker but remember just do not over pack it.

I did the exact same thing when I first got it. I loaded it up and walked about 3 miles around where I lived on paved road and it didnít seem that bad. But when taking it into the field after a few months now and climbing gaining elevation it is really different especially at high altitudes as the air thins out.

Again it is an awesome pack just do not over pack it as it is easy to do.