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    Quote Originally Posted by John Koehrer View Post
    You can separate the elements just by letting them soak in acetone, it's not quick at overnight but it is safe for the glass.
    This might work with cells which you can remove from the barrel, but on TR cells, Gundlach appears to have crimped a metal band so that the cells can not be easily removed. Thus, I don't think they can be soaked in acetone and subsequently recemmented.

    The possibility of using the small oven with the hairdryer might work with a TR cell. Has anyone tried this approach given how the Gundlach TR cells are constructed with metal bands?

    Thanks. Jon
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonw View Post
    John, do you know of an easy way to take these T-R lens apart to correct the balsam separation? I have a TR triple convertible with both cells needing the work. I discussed it once with Jim Galli, but he was not aware of how to get them apart...at least at that time.

    If anyone has any reasonable suggestions, I would welcome them. Thanks.

    Sorry Jon, I have no idea how to go about this. You could send it to Grimes, but I'd hate to think of the cost. IMHO, stopping down appears to be the best bet.

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