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    Quote Originally Posted by bobwysiwyg View Post
    Just curious, how so?
    Carbon printing -- if I mis-judge the moisture content of the carbon tissue (the neg is contact-printed against carbon tissue), or if there is too much heat build up under the merc vapor lamps, the neg sticks to the tissue and causes local ferriotyping (sp?) -- which reads as extra density when printing.

    I haven't lost a neg in a long time...but there was the time when the tissue and 11x14 neg stuck together like glue (I foolishly did not put a fan on to blow cool air over the glass of the contact printing frame). This was for a class demo. And as I stood in front of the class trying to pull the two apart, the 11x14 neg tore in half. I did not know they could do that!:o Very dramatic! Fortunately, I had used the lesser of the two almost identical negs for the demo!


    PS...I now know of other ways to protect the neg, such as using a very thin sheet of clear mylar between the neg and tissue.
    At least with LF landscape, a bad day of photography can still be a good day of exercise.

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    when i said most of the time,
    i was referring to work related image making
    i usually have to submit 2 negatives and 3 contact prints ..
    and have learned through experience it is good to have 1 extra
    ... using single step duplicating film is OK ( kodak stopped selling it,
    and i have a feeling photowarehouse doesn't sell it anymore )
    and contact printing a negative, and then
    making a contact print of that positive is a PITA ... nothing is as good as the real thing,
    it is just like making prints, i always make 1 or 2 extra because sometimes
    "stuff happens" ...

    from time to time with "personal work" i will make a second exposure as well ...
    but it probably doens't record the same thing ...

    for the folks who don't make back up exposures -
    do you back up your computer, or just hope your hard drive doesn't fail ?

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    Given that I am still very new to large format I do take a back up. I also ensure that I don't process both films at the same time. I also process the second film based on the outcome of the first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaimeb82 View Post
    When you take a picture in a 4x5 system. Do you always flip the card holder and take the same picture as a back up?
    If I am testing something, I might make multiple images. In the usual case of shooting with the intent on printing I don't.

    Do you then develop first one sheet and base on the results develop the other one base on first results?
    Not unless I am testing something. Otherwise, the usual case is that development time would already have been determined. Since I print multigrade, the final density/tonality matching of the image reproduction cycle is done during printing.
    Is this a common practice one should get into?
    Can't answer that.

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    Generally, I don't shoot more than one. However, there are two cases when I do.....visiting places I probably won't be able to return to again. The other is doing night shots, I shot a lot at night and find taking an extra exposure usually two stops more is a way to make sure I get a usable image. At night, meters don't work well, so the extra shot is insurance.

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