$375 sounds fair. I have an Ansco 8x10 of that vintage myself, heavy but very rigid. The ugly grey paint had been removed on mine, stripped down to the mahogany and cherrywood and nicely refinished. Looks great. The front rise on mine is tricky -- it takes some fiddling, holding the lensboard from below while gently pushing and pulling the knobs on the left and right with perhaps some jiggling of the lensboard up and down. But once it's seated correctly, it's firm. The bellows only extend to 18" from the rear standard because I don't have the focus rail extension (don't really need it) but I do have a recessed lens board in case I want to try out wide-angle lenses. With OK bellows and all those accessories (some hard to find and often expensive) it seems like a good deal. The Ansco box is rare and really essential if you want to take the camera out in the field. I have the B&J 4x5 reducing back too. With a 300mm lens (especially that Velostigmat) shooting it's perfect for portraits.