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Very nice and congrats... keeping my eye peeled these days... with a bit of regret for passing on the III, but I am also looking at a Horseman FA or Wista RF or SP... in the end, my Tachi still does the job.
Yes...a Tachi would be nice...but probably in a larger format when I finally do get one. I have several 4x5s already, and they do everything I want them to do. I might use one to replace my Kodak No. 2 5x7, which is great, but I want a bit more versatility. the Kodak is also sooo sweet for a 90-year old camera, and I don't like to beat on it too hard. Have backpacked with it a few times, and it held up fine, and have done a boatload of road tripping with it. Always going back and forth between Tachi and Shen Hao. Wish I could find a spot that has both available for rental. That is a few years down the road anyhow, though.