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    New case for my Graphic View

    My new (to me) Graphic View camera has cleaned up nicely. It came in it's original "vulcanite" hard case, where it hangs upside down from the monorail. The vulcanite case is the only thing ugly about the whole kit. I don't think that case was very attractive when new -- and this one has seen better days. It's a grungy mess, and it makes my aluminum road cases and Pelican cases look like fine furniture!

    So what's the best option for replacing the old case? Here's what I've seen so far:

    F.64's FC 4x5 Monorail Camera case -- seems reasonable, the price is OK (under two hundred from B&H), but I haven't seen any reviews or comments about the case. I can't find it at local dealers, so I'd be ordering it sight-unseen. I'd like to hear from someone with experience first.

    Convert a tool chest -- this is the cheapest option, someone suggested modifying one of the large plastic tool chests to allow the monorail to hang inside. Sounds like a project with a reaonable chance of success, given enough measuring and forethought.

    Am I missing any other options? Packing it into a backpack, seperated from the monorail, isn't really an option. I don't want to have to disassemble the camera further -- and I don't think it breaks down much further anyway.

    Any and all suggestions welcome.
    My other camera is a Pentax

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    I bought a zippered duffle bag from LL-Bean's scratch and dent store, then put a foam pad in the bottom for mine. It has worked well. It has large outside pockets that hold the holders well, along with the other stuff. Lenses mostly go in the main section along with the camera. It has a shoulder strap and handles for carting it, and is reasonably orderly for working out of.

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    look for a tenba car case .. they work very well!

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    welcome to the world of hard to carry beasts, i use a bike , for transport, but Holland is flat.

    if your looking for a easy way to carry fixed rail cameras, then you may want to start looking for a foldaway system, maybe a field camera

    i use a crown for out doors,so easily packed, my fixed rail stays at home or has the odd trip out on the bike

    10 x 8 is even tougher to pack and carry, so life could be harder for sure....



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