Hey there LF folks, I've been browsing the forums for years now but finally have a question worth posting to some of you view camera experts. I'm a student who is relatively new to large format and becoming addicted to the Cambo I have on loan from school at the moment.

I'm looking into buying one of my own though and have found what might end up being a good deal on an as-is Cambo 4x5 SC2 camera. The one issue is that the camera is indeed sold AS-IS and does not include anything but the front and back standards, bellows, and monorail. Obviously a lens board and lens are not hard to purchase separately but my question is concerning a back/ground glass that will fit this cambo.

The Cambo brand revolving back assembly goes for $650 on Calumet's website. I'd like to avoid spending more on the back than the actual camera cost but am having trouble finding a used back.

I did stumble upon a Toyo 4x5 Revolving Back on KEH
that is a bit more reasonable than the new Cambo back. They appear to have the same spring loaded clips as the Cambo back on my loaner.

That being said I am not positive if the Toyo back would fit the Cambo 4x5 sc2.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I'd love to piece together a working 4x5 as cheaply as possible and not get stuck with a camera I can't find a back for! thanks in advance for any info on the subject!

-Dan J