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    equinox photographic and wollensak portrait lens ( verito ) on ebay

    there is a 11 1/2 " wollensak verito portrait lens for sale on eBay now.


    the 11 1/2 will cover a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 negative
    converts to a longer focal length when the front element is removed.

    this is being sold by equinox photographic in oregon ( usa )
    i have bought a handful of stuff from them over the years, and can only tell positive experiences. they guy that owns it ( jc ) is an avid photographer himself, and always has good "stuff" - large format, graphic &c for sale.

    i have catalog pages for the verito in my personal gallery if you want to see what the deal is ...
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    wollensak versar at equinox photographic

    i usually go to equinoxphotographic.com as part of my "checking out stuff i wish i could buy, but have to hold myself back" routine.

    it looks like equinox has a versar portrait lens for sale on their website -

    wollensak made a bunch of portrait lenses from the early 1900s all the way through the 1950s. these lenses usually began with the letter "V" ...
    versar, varium, vitax, verito, veritar ...

    i have a bunch of wollensak portrait lenses, and never used a versar. i am guessing that it is probably similar to the verito - rapid rectilinaer design and the degree of softness is perscribed by how much you stop the lens down ( becomes sharper ). i know of someone that has a graflex camera mounted with this same lens, and he thinks it is the cat's pajamas.

    many of the wollensak lenses are mounted in a studio shutter, which is a single instantaneous speed somewhere between 1/5 - 1/10 sec. at that time it was the perfect speed

    there are actually a few different ways to fire it off - a quick flick with a release ( i use a kaiser bulb air release ) or if you hold it down it goes into "bulb mode" and will shut again when you depress the shutter again.

    - john
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