When I needed new bellows for my De Vere monorail (whole plate/half plate/5x4) back around 1976 I paid Camera Bellows (Custom Bellows) a visit.

The women I dealt with said bag bellow would suit you far better and went to a set of map drawers and pulled out the blue print for the original design, I had no frames to attach the new bellow to so she told me what to get made. Very efficient.

My dilemma now is the De Vere is worth peanuts it's big heavy & undesirable, the bag bellows are still excellent. The original bellows were shot in 76, they are still useless today. My solution is make new bellows for the Devere and possibly keep the bag bellows, they could be fitted to another camera quite easily.

I think the bag bellows cost more than the camera The new bellows will cost less than £5 ($8).