I was in the Palo Alto last week in need of film. I dropped in Keeble & Schuchat and bought up the last box of Fuji Pro 160S QuickLoad. An early Christmas gift to myself.
Boy, I thought I was something special. Every salesperson looked at me with either a mixture of awe or snickers of foolishness. I was damn happy myself. I had a great product and ready to fit the street for some photography.
I photographed all around Stanford, Menlo Park and Palo Alto. Ice plants, Cactus and Rodan statues. I had a great time and so did my daughter. She brought along her point and shoot digital and document plants and trees for her environment class.
I have come home with half of the box exposed and ready to process plus 10 sheets of B&W. I looked up and found that Citizen's does 4x5 C-41 and come Monday I'm off to see what I got.
This was a good week for me. The only thing I wish I could have done was photograph my sister who is seriously ill and in hospital. She's been there for 7 weeks. The staff frowned on my large gear. But I did get some images with my digital camera.
I visit with her and when she fell asleep I would go out to photograph, come back when she was awake and go out when she needed me gone.
It's good to be a photographer!