"The only good reason to shoot LF is because you want to shoot LF." I expect that the same goes for digital. I sure do respect digital, as it's dropped the price on silver film equipment a lot!

I'm a pseudo-newcomer to LF, and just bought my first medium format 120 rig a month ago, now bought 5x7 and 4x5 assembled from bits and pieces on eBay.

Last time I shot LF, it was thirty-some years ago, with a fellow named Edgerton who taught a course at the community college I went to in Cambridge. There's a local fellow named Easel Adams or some such, he's taken a few good local pictures, kinda contrasty but I like them. Nice picture up the road near the new Home Depot in Hernandez. I gotta drive by that place sometime. Couple other folks seem to like taking pictures locally, well, I might as well try it too.