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    Quote Originally Posted by Megrez View Post
    I too blame collectors. If you look on Ebay, you will frequently see lenses for sale without the mounting ring. A user would want to but the lens complete with the mounting ring, so they can use it. Many collectors don't see the significance of attaching the lens to anything. Recognising this generalisation, take that information, look on Ebay and you can soon pick up who the collectors are.
    Perhaps not the guys selling all those lenses.
    First, because collectors collect, and not distribute.
    Second because all those lenses were bought in the first place for the mounting rings they camwe with. The mounting ring secured, the superfluous lens will be sold again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darinwc View Post
    I guess I should have qualified my question a little better.

    I am mainly looking at the +- 1900's vintage brass large format lenses.
    I think a Dallmeyer 3b just sold for $1600 on ebay.

    Perhaps that was a rare lens but petzvals and similar lenses seem to gain a premium.
    I know that swirly bokeh type prints are increasing in popularity but at the prices these go for I cant help but think that people are snatching them up for collections.

    I mean if you buy a soft focus lens to use, how many do you need? Theres only so many uses for these.
    you must have missed the 3b and the 3d that went for over $3000!

    look at it this way. if you wanted a new top of the line DLRS and a 400mmf4 or 600mm f4 lens you will be in for like $10,000 or so. AND you can buy as many as you want all day long......so a couple of grand for a "rare" (relative) lens is not so bad.

    collectors by mint stuff for the most part. so the 3b that sold for 3000$ that did not even have the flange or waterhouse stops was probably NOT bought by a collector
    photoshop is somewhere you go to buy photo equipment.

    lens photos here

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie gunks View Post

    collectors by mint stuff for the most part. so the 3b that sold for 3000$ that did not even have the flange or waterhouse stops was probably NOT bought by a collector

    I don't know many serious collectors of photographica. The one I knew best was the late Charlie Barringer, co-author of the Zeiss-Ikon Compendium and one of the founders of Zeiss Historica.

    I've seen many of his treasures, some of which were decidedly shabby. For example, an 80" Zoomar mirror lens with what looks like a bullet hole in the front mirror. For another example, a small pile of S-Planars and S-Ortho-Planars, all with badly scratched glass, dents, ...

    I asked him why he settled for junk like that. He replied to the effect that they were plenty good enough for him and that because of condition their prices had been very right.

    Also, there are still machine shops that will make flanges.

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