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    Quote Originally Posted by brian d View Post
    Tower Press Camera- rebadged Bush Pressman

    The Canadian Press King is sort of similar to a B&J
    I'll second that! I have a Tower w/instruction book, 100mm Wide Field Ektar, 135mm Symmar-S, 210mm Fuji-L and slide-in 6x7 roll film holder. The things that aren't as good as others are the spring backs limits you on Polaroid/roll film backs, lens boards are small and harder to find and movements aren't super great. But it's one tough, well built camera and I like it better than any Graphic except maybe the Crown or Super Speed. JohnW

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelbsc View Post
    I thought the Century was made from a "revolutionary" material called Mahoganite.

    How could you call that merely plastic?
    Well, as I said I'm an ignorant barbarian.

    If you doubt that I am, ask Capaul & Weber. I shoot a 38/4.5 Biogon on my humble Century Graphic. I've made the point that it isn't obvious that I'm worse equipped than their customers who have Alpa 12 with 38/4.5 Biogon. So I'm clearly unacquainted with the finer points, i.e., am ignorant. As for being a barbarian, well, I'm not a native speaker of Greek so am a birthright barbarian.

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