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    RRS BH-55 suitable for Technika or overkill?

    I am very interested in hearing from users of the BH-55 head (with their 4x5 cameras, Technika or not) as to whether or not you find the combination suitable, inadequate, or overkill. (I did read the MAGNAchrom ballhead article, but hope to hear from actual users)

    Secondarily, if you've used the BH-55 head with a Hasselblad (500 series), how do you find it? Is it overkill in with this smaller/lighter camera?

    (legs would be either an aluminum 3 series or 4 series Gitzo.)

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    I bought a Kirk ballhead to hold my 500/501; it appears to be comparable to the RRS head. I love using that head for medium format and I do not think it was overkill at all. In fact, I think that when it comes to camera support, "too much is never enough." Why bother using a tripod if it is not rock-solid?

    When I began shooting with a Tech III I found it too difficult to get the camera plumb, level, and square with a ballhead, so switched to a 3-way head for that camera.

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    I am not anti-digital. I am pro-film.

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    OK, i have RRS BH-55, it is overkill which i love it very much, and if i have the option again i will buy it again or even more overkill than it, i use this head for all my cameras [digital and film MF and LF], sub zero issue, the only issue i have with this bullhead is that it is a bit heavy, many don't like to buy it because of this reason i think, but the design of this bullhead is insane, i have Markins bullhead Q3TR, they have M10 and M20 which can handle more than BH-55 but i didn't like the design, the weight is amazing.
    The bottom line, if you don't buy the bullhead or tripod because overkill, then don't buy anything else, and what is overkill today, tomorrow you will need more than that overkill.



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