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Thread: view camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb_z5
    The toyo 45cx is another lightweight monorail(8lbs or so). and relatively inexpensive. I got mine last year w 210mm lense, darkcloth and case for about 500.00 on ebay. No regrets. and I do take it in the field often.

    i too have a toyo 45cx. i got it after using a red-bellows graphic view II for 12 years. it is a pretty good camera the toyo. it takes a bag bellows, so you can use really wide lenses ( like a 65mm ) and like all the toyos, it is part of the modular toyo family, so you can get extension bellows and a long rail ( for really long lenses ) as well as monocular and binocular viewers a rear 8x10 standard and new bellows, if you decide you want to do 8x10 down the road &C &C. the only drawback of the toyo 45cx is the focus / standard blocks. sometimes you might want to tighten the camera down and the block might crack. if you find one on the used market (ebay) be aware that some of the focus blocks have not been retrofitted with something to distribute the force throughout the block when it is overtightend so they don't crack &C.

    when this happened to mine, i called toyo, and bought a new focus block and was going to install it myself, but after a week of trying to find the time to do it, i called toyo again ... they had me mail the camera to them, they installed the new focus block, retrofitted the other ( non-broken one ) with the newer parts and mailed it back to me in a day or 2 days for very little money.

    their customer service there is really good

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    Thank you, folks!

    I decide to go either Linhof Technika or Arca Swiss Discovery before I asked the question. But you guys clear some things for me (yaw and stuff), so thank you very much again. So I'm off shopping. I hope to find some useful second hand stuff in Munich.


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