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Iíve been considering downsizing. Not just the household, but camera formats too. I may not be blessed to have a 7x17 but I do enjoy 4x5, 6X6 and then 35mm.

As a heart patient and I'm not as young as I used to be, I would like to know otherís experiences with downsizing formats to parallel oneís aging process or the successes of holding back ageís ravages and still using medium to large format cameras. Does one change subjects from mountainous hikes to table top and be happy with that?

Also as one may let go prized film cameras has any one found success in spawning new younger film shooters with their equipment is all of it doomed to be sold on EvilBay?


As a 3.5 decade CRA (cadaveric renal allograft/transplant) patient ó maybe not such a heart-stopper as you, I have no intention of downsizing anything to suit my age. Everything comes with me until my knees buckle! At which time I find somebody to carry the load for me, LOL! If anything, a new/bigger/unique format fires up my cylinders to go out there and challenge myself irrespective of physical difficulties, and I'm doing the best job of coping with them in a smallish nation like Australia where patients like me are very rare. I suggest you keep at it, hook line and sinker, until the ticker (or the Doctor!) says "No!", not the computer that beckons time being spent sedately. Not good for ticker...